For the 30th Anniversary of the Power Rangers, more Zords and Megazords were added to the Zord Builders toyline, making them all more show accurate. 

Zord Builders Generation 2 Toyline!
Season Zords and Megazords
M.M.P.R. Season 2 All the G1 Thunderzords
M.M.P.R. Season 3 All the G1 Ninjazords
Power Rangers Zeo Zeo Megazord, Red Battle Zeozord and Pyramidus
Power Rangers Turbo Turbo Megazord, Rescue Megazord, Artilletron and Robo Racer
Power Rangers Wild Force All the Wildzords
Power Rangers Dino Thunder All the G2 Dinozords
Power Rangers SPD Delta Squad Megazord, Omega Max Megazord and Delta Command Megazord
Power Rangers Jungle Fury All the Spiritzords
Power Rangers RPM All the Zord Attack Vehicles
Power Rangers In Space Astro Megazord, Delt Megazord and Mega Winger


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