RPM Rangers and their Legendary Ranger Modes!
RPM (Main) Schot (Red) Flynn (Blue) Summer (Yellow) Ziggy (Green) Dillen (Black) Gem (Gold) Gemma (Silver)
Ninja Storm Red Blue (Male) Yellow (Female) Crimson Navy Green N/A
Dino Thunder Red Blue Yellow Black White RPM GoldSilver SPD Kat
SPD Red Blue Yellow Green Shadow Omega Pink
Mystic Force Red Blue (Male) Yellow (Female) Green Wolf Warrior Solaris Knight Pink
Operation Overdrive Red Blue Yellow Black Sentinel Knight Mercury Pink
Jungle Fury Red Blue Yellow Purple White Black Lion Warrior Green Chameleon Warrior
Extra Dino Thunder Triassic Jungle Fury Cyan SPD Nova Jungle Fury Green Jungle Fury Black Koragg The Knight Wolf Mystic Force White


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