The Super Megaforce Gold Ranger is Jason Lee Schot, the first Mighty Morphin Red Ranger and 2nd Gold Zeo Ranger. He first has to Morph into the Mighty Morphin Gold Ranger ( Gold version of Mighty Morphin Red ) before morphing into Super Mega Mode with his slightly gold Legendary Morpher, and he also owns the male extra Ranger and Ranger like ally Keys. 

The Super Megaforce Gold Ranger's Legendary Ranger Key's!
Name & or Ranger colour Team
Gold Mighty Morphin Power Rangers
Blue Senturion Power Rangers Turbo
Shadow Power Rangers SPD
Wolf Warrior Power Rangers Mystic Force
Sentinel Knight Power Rangers Operation Overdrive
Lion Warrior Power Rangers Jungle Fury
Aqua Power Rangers Dino Charge
Graphite Power Rangers Dino Charge
Silver Power Rangers Dino Charge
Talon 1 Power Rangers Dino Charge
Talon 2 Power Rangers Dino Charge
Gold (Main) Power Rangers Super Megaforce


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