Super Megaforce Bronze and Super Megaforce Platinum Rangers Ranger Keys!
Super Megaforce Bronze Ranger Super Megaforce Platinum Ranger
SPD Shadow Ranger SPD Kat Ranger
Mystic Force White Ranger Mystic Force Wolf Warrior
Operation Overdrive Sentinel Knight Girl Red Samurai Ranger
Jungle Fury Lion Warrior Jungle Fury Chameleon Warrior
Dino Charge Navy Ranger Dino Charge Cyan Ranger
Dino Charge Grey Ranger Dino Charge Purple Ranger
Dino Charge Silver Ranger SPD Nova Ranger ( Silver )
Jungle Fury Green Ranger Jungle Fury Cyan Ranger
Jungle Fury Black Ranger R.P.M. Cyan Trisara Ranger
R.P.M. Crimson Mammoth Ranger R.P.M.Silver T-Rex Ranger
Super Megaforce Bronze and Super Megaforce Platinum Rangers Bios!
Info Bronze Ranger Platinum Ranger
Name Allen Stone Alice Steel
Age Seventeen (17) Seventeen (17)
Gender Male Female
Hight 5ft 10in 5ft 5in
Weight 150 pounds 95 pounds
Race Samoen  American Russian American
Weapons Super Mega Tonfas with blaster mode Super Mega Daggers and Bow
Morpher(s) Legendary Gold Morpher Legendary Gold Morpher
Home Planet Earth Earth
Zords N/A N/A
These two lovebirds created their own morphers and Super Megaforce Ranger Keys, weapons, Super Mega Cycles and are now the only ones who can use the Extra Ranger Key's. However, they don't have Zords.

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