The Story : The sworn enemies of the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, V R Troopers, Beetleborgs and the Masked Rider have joined forces in order to concur the world, so all of these heroes do the same when they realized that no one team can do it alone. This game is based off of Injustice : God's Among Us, and below are all of the playable characters. 

Playable Characters in Super Legends The Game!
Heroes Alternate Costumes
M.M.P.R.Red Movie 1995,Ninja,Zeo Blue and Turbo Blue
M.M.P.R.Blue Movie 1995,Ninja,Zeo Gold and Turbo Phantom
M.M.P.R.Yellow Movie 1995,Ninja,Zeo Yellow and Turbo Yellow
M.M.P.R.Black Movie 1995,Ninja,Zeo Green and Turbo Green
M.M.P.R.Pink Movie 1995,Ninja,Zeo Pink and Turbo Pink
M.M.P.R.White Movie 1995,Ninja,M.M.P.R.Green,Zeo Red,Turbo Red,Dino Thunder Black and Dino Charge Talon(Navy)
V R Trooper Blue Battle Grid Mode and V R Trooper Cyberprod
V R Trooper Black Battle Grid Mode
V R Trooper Red Battle Grid Mode
V R Trooper Darkheart N/A
Beetleborg Gold Beetleborg Blue
Beetleborg Silver Beetleborg Green
Beetleborg Purple Beetleborg Red
Beetleborg White N/A
Masked Rider Super Gold ,Super Blue and Super Green Mode
Villains Alternate Costumes
Lord Zedd Movie 1995 and Thrax
Rita Repulsa Mystic Mother
Goldar Movie 1995,Classic,Season2,King Spinkx&Neo Goldar
Scorpina Monster Form
Reto Revolto N/A
Mornant N/A
Grimlord Secret Identity and Season One
Doom Master Secret Identity
Despaira Secret Identity
Oriclon N/A
Nukus Mega Nukus
Horribell Nurse Horribell
Vilor Super Vilor and Mega Vilor
Shadowborg N/A
Count Dregon N/A
Stage Arena's!
Name Owner(s)
Command Center M.M.P.R.
Downtown Angel Grove M.M.P.R.
Power Chamber (Zeo) M.M.P.R. (as Power Rangers Zeo)
Power Chamber (Turbo) M.M.P.R. (as Power Rangers Turbo)
Crossword City V R Troopers
Dark Fourtress Oriclon
Moon Palace Rita Repalsa and Lord Zedd
Hillherse Mansion The Beetleborgs
Charterville Cemetery Nukus,Horribell and Vilor
Charterville Shadowborg
Belwood Masked Rider
Dregons Ship Count Dregon
Planet Edinoy Masked Rider and Count Dregon
Ritas Dark Dimension Goldar and Scorpina
Rock Quarry Rito Revolto and Mordant
Battle Grid Doom Master and Despaira
The Hall of Legends M.M.P.R.White and Beetleborg White
Virtual Dungeon Grimlord
Youth Center M.M.P.R.
Ooze Town Ivan Ooze

Unplayable Boss

Ivan Ooze from Mighty Morphin Power Rangers : The Movie ( 1995 )! 
Certain Alternate Costumes are only available in DLC Costume Packs such as : (1) Zeo Rangers Pack, (2) Turbo Rangers Pack, (3) Tommy Oliver Pack ( M.M.P.R. Green, Dino Thunder Black and Dino Charge Talon (Navy), (4) Goldar Pack ( Season Two, King Spinkx and Neo Goldar ), (5) Battle Grid Mode Pack, (6) Big Bad Beetleborgs Pack, (7) Evil Secret Identities Pack ( For Grimlord,Doom Master and Despaira ), (8) Crushtations Pack ( Mega Nukus, Nurse Horribell and Mega Vilor and (9) Battle Grid Beetleborgs Pack ( Grid Buster Gold, Grid Buster Silver and BJ Stag ). Also, the Zeo and Turbo Power Chambers are included in the Zeo and Turbo Rangers Pack's,while the Battle Grid comes with the Battle Grid Mode Pack. Finally, each character has his and her own alternate ending.

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