Starting with the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Movie Reboot, Saban would create his very own Cinematic Universe involving not only the Power Rangers, but also the V R Troopers, The Masked Rider and the Beetleborgs. Below is a list of all the movies that makes the Saban Cinematic Universe. 

The Saban Cinematic Universe!
Movie Baced off of.....
Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Season One
V R Troopers : The Movie V R Troopers Season One
The Masked Rider Movie ( Staring The Mighty Morphin Power Rangers ) Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Season Three : A Friend In Need Parts One, Two and Three ( A Three Part Episode )
Beetleborgs : The Movie Big Bad Beetleborgs : The Beginning Saga
Mighty Morphin Power Rangers 2 Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Season Two
V R Troopers 2 V R Troopers Season Two
Masked Rider 2 Super Gold Masked Rider Volume One
Beetleborgs2 Big Bad Beetleborgs : The Shadow Borg Saga and the conclusion of the series ( Nukus premiers and replaces all of the main villens )
Super Legends : The Movie

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers : The 1995 Movie, V R Troopers Season Two, Masked Rider Volume Two and Beetleborgs Metalix : The Metalix Rising Saga ( They all team up in the ultimate battle for Earth as a team of 15, including Kaitlins V R Katelin Dubble Command Mode. )

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers 3 Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Season Three ( not including The Mighty Morphin Alien Rangers )
Masked Rider 3 Super Blue Masked Rider Volume Two
Beetleborgs3 Beetleborgs Metalix : The Mega Spectrum Mode Saga
Final And Spinoff Movie's in the Saban Cinematic Universe!
Name Baced off of.....
The Mystic Knights Of Tir Na Nog : The Movie The Mystic Knights Of Tir Na Nog Volume One
Los Lucha Doris : The Movie Los Lucha Doris
The Mystic Knights Of Tir Na Nog 2 : The Red Battle Fury Armor The Mystic Knights Of Tir Na Nog Volume Two
Super Legends 2 : The Mega War The Legendary Battle ( Power Rangers Super Megaforce )



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