The Story : Gosei The Dumb Dumb give gives T-roy, Newah, Geena, Jerk and Enema their Legionary Morphers and Stuper Megaforce Ranger Keys to battle the alien armada known as The PottyMouths, led by Prince V-kar. 

Episode List
Episode Name Story
Stuper Megaforce Gosei gives them their name power's. T-roy: Why are they pirates? Gosei:Duuuuuu, what…is…pirates? Jake: Why is my key Green and not Black? Gosei: Duuuuu, I don't know.
Earth Farts Back The Rangers try to stop Cybax from attacking every city on Earth with deadly Fart Missiles, all while they all have a bad case of gass. Enema also poops her pants, twice.
Blueberry Flavored Sausage Newah must battle Sitana on his own, all while eating his favorite food, blueberry flavored sausage.
A Lion's Alliance of an Alliance With A Lion After capturing The Red Lion Wildzord in a Bugs Bunny themed Lionzord Trap, the Rangers work hard to earn his trust, even by swimming in his Lionzord Poo, temporarily making them the Poo Brown Rangers.
Samurai Shirt Size The Stuper Megaforce Rangers accidentally shrink their Stuper Ranger Forms in the wash and now they look even dumber than usual. The Red Samurai Ranger also lends them a hand.
Drinking Spirit's With A Tiger The Stuper Megaforce Rangers all get drunk at the Zoo before getting their butts kicked by Pachachomie. The Jungle Fury Red Ranger also trains them in the way of Drunk Kong Fu.
Silver Colored Poo Part One Jerk discovers that somebody made a silver colored poo in the urinal; later ,they are all saved by the Silver Ranger.
Silver Colored Poo Part Two Onion the Silver Ranger reveals that he was the one who made a dookie in the urinal and that the Pottymouth aliens destroyed his planet and people before finally joining the team.
Power of The Sixties Fishbone starts stealing everything related to the 1960s, and the only way to stop him is with Onion's Gold Battlizer Mode.
The Perfect S#_t Storm The Rangers all have diarrhea and spend a least an hour on the toilet, and they all mess their pants while fighting Stinky-Z.
Halloween Knight Enema dresses like a baby in a real diaper for Halloween and is attacked by a baby stealing monster named Bratnap.
Love Is In The Underwear Levirah falls in love with Jerk, they sleep together, she gives birth to their son Jerky, he abandons them both and she sends her personal butler Butthead to teach him a lesson before she drops their baby on his parents doorstep the next day.
United On One Tolit A new monster named Browntown starts infecting humans with the same violent case of diarrhea as Prince V-kar.
My Gass Is Always Greener… Or Browner Because of Jerk and Newah's constant farting during the battle,the monster Transgender forces them2 swap bodies with his magic, which is reversed when the monsters destroyed.
Christmas Crap All the Stuper Megaforce Rangers get something worse than cole for Christmas, (turds) so they take the Skyship to meet Santa Claus in order to find out why he did that.
Constipation From The Other Dimensions West Side T-Roy and the others go to the RPM Rangers reality to obtain a new Zord that Dr. K has made just for them, but travelling through the portal has left them all constipated big time.
Oh No You Didn't Prince V-kar V-kar defeats the Rangers and their Megazord with one of his own, temporarily damaging the Legendary Megazord with the Armadatron's Spanking The Baby Attack. The Rangers kill him later on the the episode as Gosei once again lafted at them.
Vor Ak Belches Back Part One Vor Ak, V-Kar's big brother, returns, and with his magical Belching Attack, he deactivated the Megaforce Rangers Stuper Modes and turns Hobo Knight over to his side.
Vor Ak Belches Back Part Two T-roy breaks Hobo Knight out of the spell and together they destroy Vor Ak, allowing the team to use all of the Ranger Keys once again. Also, Hobo Knight takes Enema out on a date.
Dumbest In The Universe Dumbarse goes after the Rangers himself and dies.
The Rash

Emperor Maverick defeats the Stuper Megaforce Rangers.

Unlegendary Fight Emperor Maverick is defeated by the Rangers.

Notes : A good number of episodes include poop, the Stuper Megaforce Rangers popping and or having diarrhea; while only one episode has them all constipated. That's because Super Megaforce was and still is one huge crap of a series/season. 

Name Forms
Red Skyship Stuperzord Unlegendary Megazord
Yellow PeePee Truck StuperZord Unlegendary Megazord
Blue Jetijet Stuperzord Unlegendary Megazord
Green RaceCar Stuperzord Unlegendary Megazord
Pink Submoroneen Stuperzord Unlegendary Megazord
Silversaurus Mega Drill/Dinozord/Megazord Unlegendary Megazord Dino Thunder Mode
Red Lion Wildzord Unlegendary Wild Force and Samurai Megazords
Green Mini Ninjazord Unlegendary Megazord Ninja Storm Mode
Red SPD Zord Unlegendary Megazord SPD Mode
Red Dragon Mysticzord Unlegendary Megazord Mystic Force Mode
Red Turbo Falcon Zord/Megazord Unlegendary Megazord R.P.M.M ode and Uldumbit Unlegendary Megazord
Name Owners
Stuper Sword Main Five
Stuper Blaster Main Five
Stuper Cannon Main Five
Unlegendary/Stuper Morphers Main Five
Ranger Keys All Six
Stuper Silver Morpher Onion
Stuper Trident/Blaster Onion
Poo Bombs All Six
Fart Attacks All Six
Name Role
Gosei The Dumb Dumb Stupid as heak mentor
Tensou Gosei`s sidekick


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