Seventeen Power Rangers and Power Ranger like allies died in the Mega War, and here is a list of the ones who were taken from us. 

Mega War Casualties!
(Blue) Ninjor Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Season Three
(Blue) Aric Power Rangers Zeo
Blue Senturion Power Rangers Turbo
(Black) Phantom Ranger Power Rangers Turbo
(Black) Shadow Ranger Power Rangers SPD
Orange Kat Ranger Power Rangers SPD
Silver Nova Ranger Power Rangers SPD
White Mystic Ranger Power Rangers Mystic Force
Claire The Gate Keeper Power Rangers Mystic Force
Crimson Wolf Warrior Power Rangers Mystic Force
Green Elephant Ranger Power Rangers Jungle Fury
Black Bat Ranger Power Rangers Jungle Fury
Cyan Shark Ranger Power Rangers Jungle Fury
Gold Sentinel Knight Power Rangers Operation Overdrive
Black Lion Warrior Power Rangers Jungle Fury
Green Chameleon Warrior Power Rangers Jungle Fury
Girl Red Samurai Ranger Power Rangers Super Samurai

Heroes get remembered, but legends never die.


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