In the year 2020, a Power Rangers fan ( & later on Saban himself ) took it upon himself to update 15 episodes of Power Rangers Megaforce in almost the exact same way that Disney did with the first 32 episodes of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers season 1, but he also replaced the main theme song from the intro to the end credits with the secondary one that sounds a little like the one from Power Rangers Lost Galaxy, took out all of the footage with Troys Legendary Battle dream & ignored/left out the last 2 episodes ( The Messenger and End Game ) , but also left all of the Super Megaforce episodes alone. By leaving out Messenger, End Game, the Megaforce Halloween special, the Megaforce Christmas special, Harmony And Dizchord, Last Laugh, Rico The Robot & all of the Super Megaforce episodes, Power Rangers Megaforce has officially ended with The Human Condition episode; also, Saban even stated that Messenger, End Game & every episode of Super Megaforce no longer exist,& all 100% of the fan's could not be any happier after first hearing that. 

List of Updated Megaforce Episodes!
Name Story
Mega Mission The WarStar Aliens invade and Gosei chooses his Rangers.
He Blasted Me With Science A monster is sent to capture humans in order to learn mankind's weaknesses.
Going Viral A monster spreads a contagious virus that turns humans into more of their Loogie minions.
Stranger Ranger A new kid tells everyone at Ernies Brainfreeze that he is the Red Ranger, which later gets him into trouble.
United We Stant A new and female monster turns the Pink and Yellow Rangers against each other and gains control of the other three with her magic stingers, but soon the girls break the spell with their friendship & saved the others by destroying the monster.
NOTE The first six episodes are known as Volume One : Vrak And The Insectoides.
Who's Crying Now? The Rangers take on Creepox, who is no better than a bully.
Robo Knight When Mutants threaten to help Vrak and the War Star Aliens concur the Earth with pollution, Goseis secret weapon and the Rangers 6th member Robo Knight awakens.
Prince Takes Knight Vrak captures Robo Knight with plans on reprogramming him, but he is later saved by the Megaforce Rangers.
Man And Machine Vraks newest commander, a female robot named Metal Alice, sends a monster robot from their under sea bace to destroy the Power Rangers, Robo Knightt and mankind itself.
Note All of Troy's dreams of the Legendary Battle were all edited out to further keep anything related to Super Megaforce out of these fifteen episodes of Power Rangers Megaforce.
Ultra Power The Rangers gain the power to morph into Power Rangers Ultra Megaforce after getting a magical Dragon Sword from Vrak, foiling his plan's once again.
Note Episodes 7 to 12 are now Volume Two : Robo Knight And The Ultra Power.
Dream Snatcher A monster steals humans hope's and dreams, which are returned to them with the Pink Rangers help.
Gosei Ultimate The Rangers use the Gosei Ultimate Megazord to destroy the last two Mutants Bigs and Bluefer once and for all.
The Human Factor Metal Alice trys again to turn Robo Knight over to her side.
Note The final three episodes are now known as Volume Three : The Human Factors Condition.
Staying On Track The Rangers must stop a monster from using Electric Trains , still with passengers inside, from a horrible collision. Luckily, they save the day with the Gosei Jet Megazord. This episode was also edited so that Metal Alice never came back to life after she was destroyed, explaining her absence in the next and final episode called The Human Condition.
The Human Condition The Rangers finally destroy Vrak and his only remaining ally.
NOTE The seen where Metal Alice rebuilds herself in Staying On Track was moved to replace the first two or so minutes of The Messenger, which along with End Game were also altered into the true first two episodes of Super Megaforce.


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