The Story : When Myotismon invades Japan with multiple Control Spires and evil Digimon, Jeni gives Tie, Matt, Sora and Izzie the Digi Morphers. Once they each insert their Digivices as a power source, they were finally able to morph into the Digi Destind Power Rangers, also known as Power Rangers Digimon. Their new powers even give them the ability to Zord Digivolve into the Digizords, and they soon receive a new member(s). 

Digi Rangers!
Rangers Secret Identity and Digimon partner Digizords
Red Digi Ranger Tie Kymia and Agumon Red Greymon Digizord
Blue Digi Ranger Matt Tichi and Gabumon Blue Garurumon Digizord
Yellow Digi Ranger Sora Takanoshi and Byomon Yellow Birdramon Digizord
Black Digi Ranger Izzie Izumi and Tentomon Black Kabuterimon Digizord
Pink Digi Ranger Karri Kymia and Gotomon Pink Nefertimon Digizord/Megazord
Imperial Ranger ( Digi White ) Davis Motomia and Veemon Imperialdramon Megazord
Megazord Formations!
Name Digizords
Omnimon Megazord Greymon, Garurumon, Birdramon and Kabuterimon
Dark Master Megazord Dark Digizords : Indigo Geogreymon, Silver Gururumon, BlackGold Saberdremon and Kimeramon
Nefertimon Megazord Pink Nefertimon Digizord
Imperialdramon Megazord White Imperialdramon Digizord
ShineGreymon Megazord Reptor-1 Zord ( Season 5 Agumon )
Red Greymon Staff : Digi Blaster
Shield of Courage with Sword Mode
Blue Garuru Shield : Digi Blaster
Yellow Birdra Grips : Digi Blaster
Black Kabuteri Staff : Digi Blaster
White Imperial Saber
5 Digi Daggers with Blaster Mode
Name Owner
Digi Morphers Red, Blue, Yellow and Black
Armor Digi Morpher Pink
Imperial Morpher White
Digi Battlizer Morpher Red/Burst Ranger
Main Villens/Enemies!
Digimon Emperor
Scarecrowmon ( Minions )
The Digi Rangers are based on Power Rangers Dino Thunder.
Digi Pink is based on the M.M.P.R. White and Lost Galaxy Pink Rangers.
The Reptor-1 Zord (Agumon) and ShineGreymon Megazord are based on Digimon for Digimon Season Five/Digimon Data Squad.
Myotismon has the Z-Staff of Lord Zedd, which he stole from his grave.
The Imperial Ranger is based on the Ninja Storm Green Samurai Ranger.
Arokennimon stole Rita Repalsa's Magic WondStaff from the Mystic Mother.
Matt and Sora are engaged; also, Tie is engaged to Davis's big sister June Motamia.
Matt's little brother and Karri's boyfriend T.K.and his Patamon are in every episode.
Japan was fully transported to the Digital World.


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