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Aqua Force Rangers
Rangers Names
Red Aqua Ranger Fin Steel
Blue Aqua Ranger Franklin Scales
Yellow Aqua Ranger Amber Dorsal
Purple Aqua Ranger Sally Gills
Orange Aqua Ranger Mark Chum
Bronze Aqua Ranger Bruse : Son of Neptune
Sharkzords and Megazords
1 Shark Force Megazord Red Great White Sharkzord Blue Maco Sharkzord Yellow Hammerhead Sharkzord
2 Shark Frenzy Megazord Purple Greenland Sharkzord Grey Bullshark Sharkzord

White Goblinshark Sharkzord

3 Sogon Shark Megazord Orange Whaleshark Sharkzord Silver Tigershark Sarkzord Brown Saw Sharkzord
4 Shark Frenzy Force Megazord Shark Force Megazord Shark Frenzy Megazord Indego Pocket Sharkzord/Minizord
5 Shark Fossil Megazord Bronze Frill Sharkzord Black Megaladon Sharkzord Gold Ghost Sharkzord
6 Shark Force Ultrazord Shark Force Megazord Shark Frenzy Megazord Shark Fossil Megazord
Name User's
Shark Morpher Red, Blue and Yellow
Frenzy Morpher Purple and Orange
Fossil Morpher Bronze only
Sharktooth Swords All Six
Skark Blasters All Six
Sharktooth Shields All Six
Shark Force Cannon Shared by All Six
Shark Cycles All Six
Battlizer Morpher Red only
Shark Rider's All Six
Main Villens
Name Purpose
Sea Master Leader
Princess Sharkrah Next in line
General Sawtooth Leads the Underwater Army
Lieutenant Mantar Sawtooths 2nd in Command
Fintar Monster Maker
Guppieanna Fintar's daughter and 2nd monster maker
Haggie Guppieanna's grandmother
Crabies Main Minions
Pahronatrons Minions from Power Rangers Turbo
Squidies Minions
Name Role
Neptune Greek God of The Sea
Princess Aliena Neptune's Mermaid daughter
Wally Pet Seal
Beta 3 Living water proof robot
Alien Rangers of Planet Aquatar Friends of Neptune and Atlantis


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