This six part miniseries by Nickelodeon, Saban and Nickelodeon Comics tells the story of the return of the Alien Armada as they are now led by Emperius Mavra : widow of Emperor Mavro and mother of Vrak and Vakar. The Power Rangers Super Megaforce all morph into every last one of their Legendary Ranger Modes; however, they only have the Ranger Keys of Power Rangers Samurai, Megaforce, Squadron, Lightning, Prizum, Blitz, Supersonic, Battalion, Dino Charge, Auxiliary Dino Charge and Ninja Charge. It was later explained by the writers that Nickelodeon only wanted the suits from their networks Power Rangers season's, which meant that all of the Auxiliary Zords from non Nickelodeon seasons had to be left out as well. The Legendary Ranger Keys they have left now have the power to morph their Super Mechazords into the primary Zords of the past, allowing them to form one of the other primary Megazords. 

Nickelodeon Comics Power Rangers Super Megaforce
Legendary Ranger Modes Troy Noah Gia Jake Emma
Power Rangers Samurai Red Blue Yellow Green Pink
Power Rangers Megaforce Red Blue Yellow Black Pink
Power Rangers Squadron Red Blue Yellow Green Pink
Power Rangers Lightning Red Blue Yellow Black Pink
Power Rangers Prizum Red Blue Yellow Green Pink
Power Rangers Blitz Red Blue White Black Pink
Power Rangers Supersonic Red Blue Yellow Black Pink
Power Rangers Battalion Red Blue Yellow Black Pink
Power Rangers Dino Charge Red Blue Black Green Pink
Power Rangers Auxiliary Dino Charge Battlizer Red Talon Purple Graphite Aqua
Power Rangers Ninja Charge Red Blue Yellow White Pink
Super Megaforce (Main) Red Blue Yellow Green Pink
Orion's Legendary Ranger Modes in the Comics
Super Mega Silver (Main) Samurai Gold Robo Knight New Super Mega Gold (Red repaint) Dino Charge Gold Dino Charge Silver Ninja Charge Gold
All Megazords that the Legendary Megazord can now morph into.
Name Zords The Main 5 Legendary Ranger Keys that form it
Samurai Megazord Lion, Dragon, Ape, Bear and Turtle Red, Blue, Yellow, Green and Pink Samurai Rangers
Gosei Great Megazord Dragon, Shark, Tiger, Snake and Phoenix Red, Blue, Yellow, Black and Pink Megaforce Rangers
Squadron Megazord Dragon, Pegasus, Garuda, Lion and Phoenix Red, Blue Yellow, Green and Pink Squadron Rangers
Lightning Megazord Fighter Jet, Armored Car, Battle Jet, DrillTank and Coptor Red, Blue, Yellow, Black and Pink Lightning Rangers
Prizum Megaforce Tank Command, Rescue Jet and Fighter Jet Red, Blue, Yellow, Green and Pink Prizum Rangers
Blitz Megazord Dragon, Pegasus, Mermaid, Griffin and Phoenix Red, Blue, White, Black and Pink Blitz Rangers
Supersonic Megazord Jet, RV and Van Red, Blue, Yellow, Black and Pink Supersonic Rangers
Battalion Megazord Jet, Racer and Wheeler Red, Blue, Yellow, Black and Pink Battalion Rangers
Dino Charge Megazord T-Rex, Stego and Trisara/T-Rex, Para and Raptor Red, Blue and Pink Dino Charge Rangers / Red,Black and Green Dino Charge Rangers
Spino Charge Megazord Spino, Paky and Ankilo Talon, Graphite and Aqua Dino Charge Rangers; Purple Dino Charge Ranger Key summons Plesio Charge Megazord
Ninja Charge Megazord Ninja, Dragon, Dumptruck, Dog and Train Red, Blue, Yellow, White and Pink Ninja Charge Rangers
Legendary Megazord(Main) Skyship, Jet, Wheeler, Racer and Sub Red, Blue, Yellow, Green and Pink Super Megaforce Rangers
Big Rig Megazord Big Rig Zord Green Lightning Ranger
Train Quest Megazord Locomotive, Bustrain, BulletTrain, Bustrain and BulletTrain Red, Blue, Yellow, Green and Pink T.Q.G. ( Train Quest Global ) Rangers
Orion's New Megazords!
Name Zords Legendary Ranger Keys that summon them
Claw Battlezord Clawzord Gold Samurai Ranger Key
Gosei Grand Megazord Land Lion, Sea Lion, Sky Lion and Robo Knight Form Megaforce Silver Robo Knight Ranger Key
Petra Charge Megazord Petrazord Gold Dino Charge Ranger Key
Titano Charge Megazord Brociozord Silver Dino Charge Ranger Key
Sheriff Megazord Cowboy and Bison ATV Gold Ninja Charge Ranger Key
Gold Rex Megazord Gold Rex Dinozord Gold Super Megaforce Ranger Key ( Gold version of Super Megaforce Red Ranger Key )
Name Owner(s)
Legendary Morpher All Six
Super Mega Sabers Main Five
Super Mega Blasters Main Five
Super Mega Cannon All Six
Super Mega Trident Super Megaforce Silver Ranger
Super Mega Anchor Spear Super Megaforce Gold Ranger
The Six Part Comicbook Miniseries
Number Tittle Story
One The Armada Returns
Two Emperius Mavra
Three Old Megazord Power
Four A Different Kind of Gold Ranger
Five A Real Legendary Battle
Six The End of The True Mega War
The Alien Armada's name is revealed as The Zangyak from planet Zangyakah.
Jake has every issue of the Beetleborgs comicbook series.
Noah plays a a game that he created on his computer called Grid Busters, staring the Go-Busters from The 36th installment of the Japanese Super Sentai.
Emma is adopted, and her foster parents are African-American.
Gia and Jake are engaged to be married in less than a week.
A Possible Alternate Universe………!
None of the Legendary Ranger Keys are on the walls of the Command Center. Gosei says that the first Power Rangers were all 18 generations of the Samurai Rangers.
Gosei reveals that he was the one who created all of the weapons, gear and zords for Power Rangers Samurai. Gosei tells the Rangers that Professor Cog was created by the the Alien Armada as their head science officer, instead of knowing that he is/was from the Power Rangers RPM universe.
Orion has a basic Legendary Morpher just like the others instead of his actual Morpher from the show. Alpha Seven has replaced Tensou.
Vrak returns as a hybrid of himself and Master Xandrid, and commands all the Nilocks, including Octoroo. Orion's planet exploded after the Armada placed a planet bomb in the center of Transaiah.
The traversity that Troy Borrows overcame was revealed to be a former drug addiction, shoplifting and his father who died from cancer. Instead of his Gold Anchor Key, Orion has a Gold version of Troy's Red Super Megaforce Red Ranger Key; it's also the only Ranger Key that can summon the Gold Rex Dinozord/Megazord instead of getting the Q-Rex Dinozord/Megazord 2.0 from the 31st Century.
Name From
Emperius Mavra Super Megaforce Comics
X-Borgs Super Megaforce
Nilock Vrak Megaforce
Octoroo Samurai
Moogers Samurai
Flying Moogers Samurai
Spit Fangs Samurai
Professor Cog Super Samurai
Clankers R.P.M.
Clanker Cycles R.P.M. & Super Samurai
Orion's Other 6th Ranger Key & it's Megazord
Conductor Megazord Orange Conductor Resshazord TQG Orange Ranger


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