Jason Lee Schot returned during the final fifteen episodes of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers season two and was given new Ranger power's created by Zordon and Alpha Five some time after they created Tommies White Ranger power's. Though his new Ranger form is a Gold version of Rocky's Mighty Morphin Red Ranger power's ( which originally belonged to Jason himself ), his Gold Ranger Power Coin has the symbol of the Gold Zeo Ranger and has the Zeo Gold Power Staff. He has three new zords which includes a black and gold version of the Red Tyrannosaurus Dinozord called The Gold Quantusaurus Dinozord, it's morphed form called The Gold Drago Thunderzord and The Gold Eagle Ninjazord; all of which are black and gold versions of the Red Tyrannosaurus, Red Dragon and White Falcon Zords. 

Mighty Morphin Gold Ranger


Jason Lee Schot







Ranger Colour

Gold version of Mighty Morphin Red

Power Coin

Has Gold Zeo Ranger Symbol


Gold Ranger Power Staff ( from Zeo ) and Blade Blaster


Gold Quantusaurus Dinozord, Gold Drago Thunderzord and Gold Eagle Ninjazord

Others in Arsenal

Gold Shark Cycle, Gold Ninja Ranger Form, Metallic Armor, teleportation and wrist worn Communicator.

Theme Song

From Power Rangers Zeo


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