List of Megazord Key Packs with more Legendary Ranger Keys!
Teams Keys
M.M.P.R. Dino Megazord, Dragonzord in Battle Mode and Red Squadron Ranger
Squadron Pack A Red Dragon Thunderzord, Blue Squadron Ranger and Yellow Squadron Ranger
Squadron Pack B Shogon Megazord, Green Squadron Ranger and Pink Squadron Ranger
Zeo Zeo Megazord, Red Battle Zeozord and White Tigerzord
Turbo Turbo Megazord, Robo Racer and Yellow Turbo Ranger
In Space Astro Megazord, Mega Winger and Pink Space Ranger
Lost Galaxy Galixy Megazord, Mega Defender and Pink Galixy Ranger
Lightspeed Rescue Lightspeed Megazord, Yellow Lightspeed Ranger and Pink Lightspeed Ranger
Time Force Time Force Megazord, Q-Rex Megazord and Yellow Time Force Ranger
Wild Force Wild Force Megazord, Predazord and White Wild Force Ranger
Ninja Storm Storm Megazord, Thunder Megazord and Samurai Star Megazord
Dino Thunder Thundasaurus Megazord, Dino Stegazord and Triassic Ranger
S.P.D. Delta Squad Megazord, S.P.D.Yellow Ranger and S.P.D. Kat Ranger
Mystic Force Titan Megazord, Mystic Force Blue Ranger and Mystic Force Pink Ranger
Operation Overdrive Drivemax Megazord, Operation Overdrive Pink Ranger and Sentinel Knight
Jungle Fury Jungle Pride Megazord, Black Lion Warrior and Green Chameleon Warrior
R.P.M. High Octane Megazord, R.P.M.Black Ranger and R.P.M.GoldSilver Hybrid Ranger
Samurai Samurai Megazord, Gold Samurai Ranger and Girl Red Samurai Ranger
Megaforce Gosei Great Megazord (McDonald's Happy Meal Version), Megaforce Yellow Ranger and Megaforce Pink Ranger
Super Megaforce Pack A Legendary Megazord, Q-Rex Megazord Mark Two and Super Megaforce Christmas Ranger
Super Megaforce Pack B Turbo Falcon Megazord, Phantom Megazord and Gold Anchor Key

For the 25th Anniversary of Power Rangers, Bandai Toys America Inc released the remaining unreleased female Legendary Ranger Keys along with other Ranger Keys and even the Megazord Keys in 21 Packs of three, with the RPM Hybrid Key as the one Ranger Key that makes the Legendary Morpher say Happy Birthday and the Super Megaforce Christmas Ranger Key obviously making it say Merry Christmas. NOTE : All of the other Keys in these Packs say the same thing as do the other Ranger Keys of the exact series they each come from, meaning no new sounds, again ( excluding R.P.M.GoldSilver and Super Megaforce Christmas ).


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