After the success of the last game, Namco Bandai Games America Inc created the first sequel to Mega Blox Power Rangers, which consist of only all of the Disney Seasons. 

Team's, Zords and Megazords!
Team & # of Rangers Per Team Zords Megazords
Ninja Storm (6) Hawk, Dolphin, Lion, Hercules Beetle, Stag Beetle and Green Minizord from Super Megaforce ( but in original Minizord size ) Storm Megazord, Lightning Megazord Mode, Thunder Megazord & Thunder Storm Megazord
Dino Thunder (5) Tyranno, Stego, Petra, Brocio and Dragozord Thundersaurus Megazord with and without Petrazord, Thundersaurus Megazord with Brocio Power, Thundersaurus Megazord Flight Mode and Dino Rage Megazord
SPD (8) All five Delta Runner's, Delta Command, Blast Buggy and Omega Max Cycle Delta Squad Megazord, Delta Blast Megazord, Delta Command Crawler and Megazord, Omega Max Megazord, Delta Squad Cycle Rider & Delta Max Megazord
Mystic Force (8) All five Mystic Force Titanzords, Unicornzord, Solar Streak Locomotive and Catastros Titan Megazord, Dragon Formation, Centarus Wolf Megazord, Centarus Phoenix Megazord, Phoenix Unizord, Wolf Unizord, Titan Wolf Megazord and Solar Streak Megazord
Operation Overdrive (6) Main Five Drivemaxzords, Patrol Car, Ambulance, and Fire Truck Drivemax Megazord, Flashpoint Megazord Drivemax Flashpoint Mode & Flashpoint Drivemax Mode
Jungle Fury (10) Tiger, Leopard, Cheetah, Wolf, Rhino, Lion, Chameleon, Elephant, Bat and Shark 1. Jungle Pride Megazord : Basic, Elephant Power, Bat Power, Shark Power, Lion & Chameleon Power and Jungle Pride Stampede. 2. Wolf Pride Megazord : Basic, Elephant Power, Bat Power, Shark Power and Lion & Chameleon Power. 3. Rhino Pride Megazord : Basic and Chamemeon Power
RPM (7) Hawk, Lion, Bear, Shark, Wolf, Crocodile, Eagle, Tiger and Whale High Octane Megazord : Basic, Shark Power and Wolf Power, Valvemax Megazord : Bacic, Tiger Power, Eagle Power and Tiger & Eagle Power, Zenith Megazord, Mach Megazord : Basic, Wolf Power, Shark Power and Wolf & Shark Power
Name Ally of
Sensei Ninja Storm
Ninja Storm
Hayle Dino Thunder
Anton Merser Dino Thunder
Cassidy Dino Thunder
Deven Dino Thunder
Boom SPD
Piggie SPD
Mystic Force
Lili Mystic Force
Phedius Mystic Force
Andrew Heartford Operation Overdrive
Spencer the Butler Operation Overdrive
Tyzon's wife Operation Overdrive
Sentinel Knight Operation Overdrive
Brown Beard the Pirate's ghost Operation Overdrive
Fran Jungle Fury
Super Omega Ranger Super Legends ( P.S.2 game )
Dr. K R.P.M.
Colonel Manson Truman R.P.M.
Name of main villens minions
Lothor, Zergane, Choobo, Marah and Kapri Kelzak's and Kelzak Fury's
Messogog, Zeltrax and Elsa Tyrannodrones and Triptoids
Emperor Grumm, Brudwing and Morgana Crybots, Blue Crybots, Orange Crybots and all five A-Squad Rangers
Mordici, Koragg, Nekroli, Emperius and Octomus Wormlings and Zombeasts
Flurius, Moltor, Kandor, Maritrix, Mank, Bangglow, Thrax  and Vulturen Chillards, Fire Lizards and Ninjas
Carnasaur, Jelica and Grizaka Renshi
Venjix, Shifter, Tenyah 7 and Klankers


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