Wild Force Green VS Wild Force Red
Name Boulder Evens Cole Evens
Age 17 ( by 2011 ) 30 ( by 2011 )
Gender Male Male
Race White American Human Nilock Hybrid
Ranger Colour Wild Force Green Wild Force Red
Arsenal Growl Phone Morpher, Wild Force Savage Cycle, Green Gorilla Wildzord and Green Gorilla Animal Crystal Growl Phone Morpher, Wild Force Rider, Red Lion Wildzord & Red Lion Animal Crystal
Weapons Savage Dagger, Gorilla Gauntlet, Falcon Sommener and Battlizer Savage Dagger, Lion Gauntlet, Uramasa Sword and Nilock Form
Megazord form with other main Wildzords Ultimus Megazord ( Green Gorilla, Yellow Eagle, Blue Shark, Black Bison, White Tiger and Cyan Elephant Wildzord(s) for Sword and Shield Mode Formally used to help form the Wild Force Megazord, Red Lion, Yellow Eagle, Blue Shark, White Tiger Black Bison and Cyan Elephant Wildzord(s) for Sword and Shield Mode
Alliance Good Bad
Allies Other Power Rangers, the Justice League of America, The Legion of Super Heroes & The Teen Titans Dyu ( Wife ), The Legion of Doom, The Legion of Super Villains, Trigon & The League of Shadows

NOTE : Boulders mother is the daughter of the tribal chief that took Cole, Boulders father, in and raised him as his own son. Also, Cole never returned to the tribal village that raised him, knowing that one day his own son will be old enough to leave and join his father in America, not knowing that his dad eventually became the villain Decker or that Boulder himself would take his father's place as leader of the Wild Force Rangers and become the Green Gorilla Wild Force Ranger.


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