The Dino Charge Aqua and Graphite Rangers are given Golden themed Legendary Morphers and Super Mega Key's which allows them both to morph into Captain Force ( Super Megaforce ) versions of their Ranger Colours; this way, they'll be able to help the other Captain(Super Mega)Force Rangers in Power Rangers Super Legends ; 25th Anniversary : The Game!. Below is a list of all of their Legendary Ranger Modes, starting with their Main Forms and Super Megaforce/Captain Force Ranger Forms. 

Dino Charge Aqua and Graphite Rangers Legendary Ranger Modes
Dino Charge Rangers and their Legendary Ranger Modes ( Team Name of Legendary Ranger Modes are below, next to their Key's )! Matt Griffin ??????? ????????
Dino Charge/Main Ranger Forms Graphite (Grey) Aqua (Cyan/Light Blue)
Super Megaforce/Captain Force Grey Cyan
Power Rangers Samurai N/A Girl Red
Power Rangers Jungle Fury Black Lion Warrior Green Chameleon Warrior
Power Rangers Operation Overdrive Gold Sentinel Knight N/A
Power Rangers Mystic Force Crimson Wolf Warrior White
Power Rangers S.P.D. Shadow Kat & Nova
Power Rangers Turbo Blue Senturion N/A
Other Dino Charge Rangers Sliver Purple



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