The Bronze Age of Power Rangers began in 2011 with Samurai after The Disney Era/Silver Age ended in 2009 with RPM and ended itself with the 2nd season of Ninja Supercharge; this Age is also known as both The 2nd Saban Era and The Nickelodeon seasons of Power Rangers. 

Power Rangers Samurai : 2011
Power Rangers Super Samurai : 2012
Power Rangers Megaforce : 2013
Power Rangers Super Megaforce : 2014
Power Rangers Dino Charge : 2015
Power Rangers Dino Supercharge : 2016
Power Rangers Ninja Charge : 2017
Power Rangers Ninja Supercharge 2018
Power Rangers ??????? : 2019
Power Rangers Super ??????? : 2020

NOTE : This was the first Era, Age and were the first installments where every Super Sentai series is split into two seasons of Power Rangers and with the 2nd season of each team to have the word Super in their tittle, and are the only seasons that lasted for 20-22 episodes each instead of 32-40 or more a year, no thanks to Nickelodeon.

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