Also known as The Zordon Era and the first half of the 1st Saban Era, The Alpha Era is actually all of the first seven seasons of Power Rangers from 1993 to 1999 due to having Alphas 5 and 6 as main characters and sub mentors; this also gives them the name The 90s Power Rangers. The other three seasons of the 1st Saban Era are also called The Post Alpha Era, which ended with Power Rangers Wild Force in 2002. 

The Alpha Era/Zordon Era/Golden Age/1st Saban Era part one of two!
Name Year
M.M.P.R. Season One 1993
M.M.P.R. Season Two 1994
M.M.P.R. S3 & Alien M.M.A.R. 1995
Power Rangers Zeo 1996
Power Rangers Turbo 1997
Power Rangers In Space 1998
Power Rangers Lost Galaxy 1999

NOTE : Lightspeed Rescue, Time Force and Wild Force are the only three seasons of the Post Alpha Era, but including Lost Galaxy, they are the only four seasons of the Post Zordon Era.


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