The Red, Blue and Yellow Captain Force Rangers soon learn how to merge their first 15 Legendary Ranger Keys into their own Gold Anchor Keys, giveing them their very own Battlizer Modes. 

The Gold Anchor Keys!
Captain Force Red Ranger`s Anchor Key Captain Force Blue Ranger`s Anchor Key Captain Force Yellow Ranger`s Anchor Key The original/Captain Force Silver Ranger`s Anchor Key
M.M.P.R. Red M.M.P.R. Blue M.M.P.R.Yellow M.M.P.R. Green
Squadron Red Squadron Blue Squadron Yellow Squadron White
Alien Red Alien Blue Alien Yellow Zeo Gold
Zeo Red Zeo Blue Alien Yellow In Space Silver
Turbo Red Turbo Blue Turbo Yellow Time Force Quantum
In Space Red In Space Blue In Space Yellow Wild Force Lunar Wolf
Lost Galaxy Red Lost Galaxy Blue Lost Galaxy Yellow Ninja Storm Green
Lightspeed Rescue Red Lightspeed Rescue Blue Lightspeed Rescue Yellow Dino Thunder White
Time Force Red Time Force Blue Time Force Yellow SPD Omega
Wild Force Red Wild Force Blue Wild Force Yellow Mystic Force Solaris Knight
Ninja Storm Red Ninja Storm Blue Ninja Storm Yellow Operation Overdrive Mercury
Dino Thunder Red Dino Thunder Blue Dino Thunder Yellow RPM Gold
SPD Red SPD Blue SPD Yellow RPM Silver
Mystic Force Red Mystic Force Blue Mystic Force Yellow Samurai Gold
Operation Overdrive Red Operation Overdrive Blue Operation Overdrive Yellow Megaforce Robo Knight



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