The Story : 

The 2nd Saban Era VS The New Power Set's!
Power Rangers Samurai Power Rangers Lightning
Red Red
Blue Blue
Yellow Yellow
Green Black
Pink Pink
Gold Green
Power Rangers Megaforce Power Rangers Blitz
Red Red
Blue Blue
Yellow White
Black Black
Pink Pink
Robo Knight ???????
Power Rangers Dino Charge (A) Power Rangers Prizum
Red Red
Blue Blue
Black Yellow
Green Green
Pink Pink
Gold ???????
Power Rangers Dino Charge (B) Power Rangers Supersonic
Talon ( Navy ) Red
Aqua ( Light Blue ) Blue
Graphite ( Grey ) Yellow
Purple Black
Silver Pink
Super Megaforce Silver Ranger ???????
Power Rangers Ninja Charge Power Rangers Squadron
Red Red
Blue Blue
Yellow Yellow
White Green
Pink Pink
Gold White
Octoroo 200,000 Moogers 200,000 Flying Moogers
Nilock King Vrak 200,000 Loogies 200,000 Spitfangs
Prince Vakar 200,000 X-Borgs 200,000 Bruisers
Poisandra 200,000 Vivix 200,000 Super Vivix
??????? 200,000 ??????? 200,000 ???????



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